Chris Blanchard Chris Blanchard

The youngest member of a regional family business established in the late 1950’s, a mechanic by trade like many in this industry Chris has been replacing bearings, brakes and belts long before he entered into his indentured trade. After finishing his apprenticeship Chris has been ‘formally’ involved with Herb Blanchard Haulage(HBH) for 22 years as a long distance driver, fleet manager and now has gone full circle back to his trade managing a small workshop which involves daily hands-on experience with modern technology vehicles and operating under industry accreditation schemes including Trucksafe.

Aside from signing the cheques (though he’s spent a few of them) Chris’s experience has come from all facets of involvement in a small regional focussed family business that has grown from 2 prime movers and 3 trailers from his 1st involvement to over 60 assets that HBH endeavour to maintain to a high industry standard and are at the forefront of safety technology including pushing the company to move to all new trailer purchases being TEBS equipped 10 years ago, long before it became legislated.

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