Tony Fairweather

Tony has a career founded in transportation.  He was first employed by Coca-Cola Amatil soon after graduating from an honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  This provided Tony with substation exposure across production and distribution business units (both within Australia and abroad), as well as a sponsored Master of Business in Enterprise Innovation.

After a period in management consulting, Tony joined TNT Express as a General Manager (both in Melbourne and Brisbane), during which time he completed an MBA (majoring in International Business).  This period provided Tony with an in-depth knowledge of distribution fleet procurement, operations and (subsequent) opportunities.

Tony started his first business in 2007, importing and distributing commercial vehicles.  In 2013 he identified the rapidly approaching EV revolution in the commercial distribution vehicle segment and commenced development of proprietary 100% electric SEA-DriveTM technology.  At the same time SEA Electric was born, strategic intent was established to bring this technology to market once the cost of lithium ion batteries crashed through the USD300/kWh threshold.  This occurred in early 2017 and since that time, SEA Electric has commenced programs, involving all 5 of their SEA-DriveTM models, in 9 countries to-date.

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