Gary Atherton

Gary is Acting Director of Automotive at the Automotive Centre of Excellence. Gary has served within a number of selected management roles as an Education Manager and Lead Educator for the Institute’s teaching and apprenticeship teams for the last 12 years.

Gary has more than 30 years’ experience in the Vocational Education and Training sector of TAFE as a facilitator, teacher and team lead co-coordinator which has supported new directions towards collaborative Industry training. The delivery modes have included Competency Based Training models, structured teacher centred models, Industry workplace delivery and the Implementation of tailorized training for a number of Industry Key Clients.

Gary’s co-ordination and teaching experience has covered Automotive course levels in Certificate II and Certificate III apprenticeship trades and post apprentice Cert IV training.  Within his chosen Industry sector he have developed a driven approach towards continual learning improvements. These career skillsets have been used towards maintaining a focus on Industry trends and apprentices trade skills, which are leading and promoting young people to succeed in their employment journey.

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