Phil Laughton

Phil has worked for WABCO in various roles over the last 21 years. Phil’s first role with WABCO was in the UK where he was the coordinator of a field technical support team, assisting and training the WABCO Service Partner Network that he established.

Since his arrival in Australia in early 2013 Phil has under taken the WABCO Technical Support Specialist Role. Part of this role see’s Phil carrying out training at the WABCO Australia HQ in Mulgrave. Recently the training has focused on Trailer EBS sessions with major trailer builders and fleets as the industry prepares for ADR38/05.

Phil continues to work with the WABCO Service Partner Network in Australia, which currently stands at 55, to ensure they are ready to support end users who have WABCO products & systems fitted to their trucks, trailers & buses.

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